Implementation Coaching for Organizations

Learning about trauma-informed care is only the first step. Implementing trauma-informed practices in an organization requires intentional change. SSTN provides coaching services to organizations that are interested in becoming trauma-informed. Our model includes strategic planning to support the implementation of TBRI® principles throughout whole organizations. SSTN facilitates monthly meetings to provide ongoing support and guidance in the implementation of TBRI® and healing-centered care. 


Community Collective

Creating systemic change requires collaboration between and across sectors within a community. SSTN Community Collectives are groups of organizations that are committed to providing trauma-informed care for the children and families of their community. These organizations work together to build a cohesive network of support for vulnerable children and families. 

The first Collective was formed in our home community of Shelby County, TN.  Through this initiative, 10 organizations are working together to help children in our community feel safe and secure. If you are interested in joining the Shelby County Collective or starting a collective in your community, please contact us for more information. 

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Bronfenfrenner’s Bioecological Systems Theory informs how we approach the interconnected systems that influence children’s well-being