Our Approach

Bringing TBRI® to Tennessee

Safe & Secure TN believes that children and families will flourish in communities that collaborate to make intentional, systemic changes to become trauma-competent. Our approach disseminates valuable information while guiding individuals and organizations in the implementation of TBRI® practices. We recognize the value of collaboration both within and across sectors to support the development of trauma-competent systems. 

Knowledge is a key component of growth and well-being. We educate individuals, parents, caregivers, and community stakeholders on the importance of attachment-rich, trauma-informed, strength-based policies and practices.

Information leads to transformation through applying knowledge. We equip individuals, parents, caregivers, and community stakeholders with the skills and practices they need to experience hope, healing, and lasting change.

We respect every person and community’s capacity to create positive change and impact. We believe that individual and collective transformation happens through relationships and community. We offer gentle guidance in support of individual, organizational and systemic change.